Of Counsel

yankwitt-logo Yankwitt LLP is a boutique law firm whose practice is dedicated 100% to complex civil litigation. All of its attorneys are former federal prosecutors or federal judicial law clerks – or both. As a litigation only firm, Yankwitt LLP utilizes the technical experience of Corrigan, Baker & Levine in supporting roles where complex litigation ensues for a Yankwitt client, which requires either accounting, tax, real estate, investment or trusts & estates knowledge. Conversely, where Corrigan, Baker & Levine encounters a complex litigation matter requiring significant trial and/or government prosecutor type of legal strategy and experience, Corrigan, Baker & Levine seeks the advice of Yankwitt LLP for benefit of its clients.
mzw-logo  Miller Zeiderman Wiederkehr & Schwarz LLP is a boutique law firm dedicated 100% to matrimonial/family law matters. As such, Miller Zeiderman Wiederkehr & Schwarz regularly needs the assistance of tax lawyers and trusts and estate planning lawyers which allows Corrigan, Baker & Levine to act in a supporting role while a client is going through the process of a divorce. Conversely, when a Corrigan, Baker & Levine client is in need of guardianship and/or divorce advice, Corrigan, Baker & Levine is confident to recommend such matters to such a well-respected and specialized firm in this niche area of law.