The attorneys at Corrigan, Baker & Levine, LLC have been involved in a variety of M&A as well as start-up transactions for numerous clients in a variety of industries. Below are some highlights of concluded transactions representing:

  • Selling shareholders of a NY manufacturer corporation and affiliated KY LLC in a securities purchase transaction with a multi-billion dollar Brazilian buyer.
  • Purchaser in acquisition of a lawn service franchise.
  • Purchaser in the acquisition of two pest control service companies in NY.
  • Seller of a pest control service company to a public company.
  • One side of a merger transaction where two competing insurance brokers (NY and OH) merged to become  the single largest brokerage operation dedicated to the overnight courier niche.
  • Shareholders of a NY corporation in their contested buy-out of a 40% minority financial investor who funded the start-up of the company.
  • Selling members of an NJ manufacturer in an asset purchase transaction with a much larger competitor as the buyer.
  • Connecticut vessel transportation operators in several transactions (buy and sell) including the acquisition of the recently launched American Phoenix Tanker purchased out of bankruptcy in Louisiana.
  • Shareholders of a NY/CT corporation in several buy and sell transactions with small, medium and public competitors in the pest-control and environmental consulting industry, including joint venture, merger and complete buy-out offers.
  • Selling shareholders of a NY corporation in their asset purchase transaction with a NYSE insurance broker.
  • Employee in management buy-out of one of the largest Northeast Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Dealer.
  • Numerous parties in joint venture agreements whereby new companies (usually limited liability companies) are being formed to house the new operating business to be developed, usually seeking to raise capital (debt and/or equity) by means of a private placement offering. As attorney for such ventures, usually involves the drafting of comprehensive Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement, each containing typical buy-sell and corporate governance and employment related provisions to handle day-to-day operations as well as to establish employment rights and control over a closely held business by its founders with deference to financial investors. Recent transactions include software developer Plawdit, LLC (CT), investment capital provider iCrowd, LLC (CT), digital media consultant Intelligent Video Solutions (NY), truffle importer Cooper Foods International, LLC (NY), and e-commerce footwear distributor Bombas LLC (NY) as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank.